Adult Kickball League Rules

7 teams- all players must be 21 years of age or older

6 weeks of regular season + 2 weeks of playoffs (8 weeks total)

$600 per team 10 people per roster, must have at least 2 women

Season starts Tuesday April 4, 2023 – May 23, 2023

Games start at 6:30pm

7 innings or 45 minute time limit per game

$100 deposit to hold the team’s spot. Balance due prior to or first night of games 

Waivers signed first night of games

Winners get commemorative T-shirts.        CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


10 player roster, must include 2 women

7 players in the field during play

7 innings or 45 minute time limit

Ball is in play anywhere on the field. Ball is in play if it bounces off the wall.

Outs are made by catching the ball in the air,  throwing the ball and hitting the player (no headshots), or a force out if the previous base is occupied and the base is tagged before the player reaches it. (general baseball rules)

3 outs per inning

4 fouls is an out

Foul territory is anywhere outside the playing field

Ball over the fence will result in an out OR one person on each time may be designated as the “homerun kicker” and only that person may kick a homerun. All other homeruns are outs.